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Preferred Insurance Specialists Agency promises to keep all of your information that you share with us strictly confidential and private. We will never sell, trade, share, give, nor loan any of your information to a third party, or anyone else.

We only use your information to help serve you and contact you.

That's also the reason we added security to our Contact Form. It protects your information that you send to us over the Internet.

Regarding SPAM

We don't like SPAM either. It wastes time, lowers production, and irritating to deal with. So, we will not intentionally SPAM you and only contact you via email only with your permission.

That's also the reason we don't add our email address with a return link: so Internet robots and crawlers can't find it and capture it for their own use.

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Mail or Visit: 1281 Green Oaks Boulevard
Suite 121
Arlington, TX 76014
Phone Toll-Free: 800-310-7599
Phone Local: 817-564-7160
Fax: 817-564-7164
E-Mail: lw [at] preferredins [dot] net




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Your information is kept strictly confidential and private.

We will never share it with anyone else.