Church Insurance—Specialized

Your church needs unique insurance protection because every church is unique and special.

Church properties are common in one way: they are used for religious purposes. They are different in all other ways.

Unique Building and Other Properties

Factors such as age, location, size, condition, and construction help make your building needs different from all other churches. And the fact that you own different properties such as buses or vans and operate different ministries as Mother's Day Out, Daycare, or Christian Schools, etc., distinguish your insurance needs from other churches.

Every property and the uniqueness of it calls for special insurance. That's how Preferred Insurance Specialists Agency can help you get the exact insurance coverage you need; the coverage that fits your individual property.

Unique Members

One member may be a bus driver, another may play a musical instrument, and another counsel people. Whatever the member's function, it requires a special type of protection.

Unique Ministry

Likewise, every church has an exceptional and perhaps an irreplaceable ministry. It's ministry is the business of the church. Church business demands the greatest business protection against all types of business hazards.

Unique Coverage

The best way to ensure you get the unique protection you need for your property and other assets is to contact us and schedule your free consultation.

We can provide a specialized insurance package that will protect your property and liabilities at an appropriate cost

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Concord Church

Concord Church

Every church has a unique property.


Marshall Drive Chruch

Marshall Drive Church

And every church has a unique ministry.


Pleasant Hill Chruch

Pleasant Hill Church

And every church has unique insurance needs.


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